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In the News

Accidental firearm discharge

Submitted by Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Office

On Tuesday, Oct. 9, at 9:30 a.m., a school resource officer employed by Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Department accidentally discharged a firearm at Hackberry High School.

The incident took place inside his office which is a small office in the front part of the school. The bullet went into the wall which faced the exterior of the school and did not exit the wall. There were no injuries. The officer was by himself in the office.

He then reported himself to the assistant principal who had heard the shot. An investigation took place to assure it was accidental. This was confirmed. The officer was placed on suspension and will be assigned to another duty.

The officer is an experienced veteran and is well liked by the community and school personal. He is a senior officer who has good credibility with the Department. It is however in the best interest of the community that a re-assignment is made at this time.

A meeting was held in the morning on Wednesday, Oct. 10, with Sheriff Ron Johnson, School Board Superintendent Charley Lemons, School Board Member Christi Labove, Principal Michelle Dunham, and Assistant Principal Jimmy Witherwax to assure the interest of the school and community were best served.

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